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Material Receiving Inspection

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Material Receiving Inspection:

At Hansal, our commitment to quality begins with meticulous Material Receiving Inspection protocols. We adhere to rigorous standards to ensure that every material we procure meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients. Here's a comprehensive overview of our Material Receiving Inspection procedures:

1.      Sourcing from Renowned Steel Mills:

All materials are sourced exclusively from reputable steel mills renowned for their commitment to producing high-quality materials.

2.      Clear and Bilingual Mill Certificates:

Mill certificates are a crucial aspect of our inspection process. They are not only required to be clear and readable but are also provided in both Chinese and English languages. This dual-language approach ensures transparency and effective communication.

3.      Compliance with EN10204 Type 3.1 Standards:

Our material certificates strictly adhere to EN10204 Type 3.1 requirements. This certification guarantees that the materials meet the specified standards and conform to the necessary quality parameters.

4.      Visual and Dimension Inspection:

Every material undergoes a comprehensive visual and dimensional inspection to verify its physical integrity and conformance to the specified dimensions. This step ensures that our clients receive materials of the highest quality and precision.

5.      Mechanical Property Testing:

To guarantee the mechanical robustness of the materials, we conduct thorough mechanical property tests. This step ensures that the materials not only meet but exceed the performance requirements, providing durability and reliability in end-use applications.

6.      Additional Tests as per ITP:

In addition to the standard inspections, our Material Receiving Inspection process encompasses all the tests mandated by the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP). This ensures that every aspect of the material's quality is thoroughly evaluated, meeting the stringent requirements set forth in project specifications.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our Material Receiving Inspection procedures, where attention to detail and adherence to international standards are paramount. Rest assured, when you choose Hansal, you're choosing materials that have undergone rigorous scrutiny to meet the highest quality benchmarks.

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