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We are specializing in mechanical construction,custom steel and aluminum fabrication in China

ITP(Inspection &Test Plan)

Hansal prides itself on maintaining a comprehensive quality system that serves as the backbone of our commitment to excellence. Specifically tailored for each international project, our meticulous approach involves the creation of a detailed Inspection & Test Plan (ITP). Crafted in accordance with fabrication drawings and the client's technical and quality documents, this ITP undergoes a thorough review process, including client comments and final approval, before being officially published for execution.

This strategic process ensures that every facet of the project adheres to the highest standards. From the initial stages of raw material handling, cutting, and fit-up, to intricate processes such as welding, non-destructive testing (NDT), trial assembly, painting, and concluding with packing and loading – each step is meticulously carried out in strict accordance with the ITP's requirements.

This commitment to precision not only underscores our dedication to quality but also serves as a testament to our proactive approach in meeting and exceeding client expectations. Through our tailored quality system and project-specific ITPs, Hansal guarantees a seamless and successful execution, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards of excellence.


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