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Steel Tower Manufacturing Base

Hansal`s steel tower manufacuring base is located in Wuhan, our factory Wuhan Tower works is one of the largest transmission line tower manufacturer in China, a key enterprise under China State Power Grid Corporation, which has been involved into most of the China state grid projects in past 50 years.

Wuhan Tower Works has well-equipped facilities with 280 sets of special equipment for fabricating towers, including CNC steel angle processing lines, 2400-ton CNC plate folding machine and CNC cutting machine etc. It has a special railway line in fabrication yard which is directly linking up with the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway. Wuhan Tower Works can produce tower according to both international and national standards

Our factory can produce transmission towers with various levels of voltage from 35kV to 1,100kV and microwave communication towers. Its main products cover transmission towers, microwave communication towers, steel structure components, hot-dipping galvanizing, steel tubular towers, with yearly capability of producing 80,000 tons of towers, 45,000 tons of galvanized materials and 30,000 tons of steel tubular towers.

The new manufacturing base has been put in use in 2022, which is neighboring with Wuhan Yangluo port, it will be very convenient for sea shipping, the towers can be shipped to all parts of the world easily and fastly. 

Tower material cutting to be done by CNC cutting machine

1000ton bending machine can be used for fabrication of any size of tubulart tower

materal mechanical tests will be performed before tower fabrication

chemical components analysis to be perform for steel material and zinc material

large shearing machine for the fabrication of connection plates of steel tower

cutting workshop specializing in connection plate fabrication

CNC drilling machine can guarantee hole distance precisely

roll machine to be used for tubular tower fabrication

Angle steel storage yard, we store over 20,000ton angle steels for tower production

lattice tower production workshop

CNC steel tower production line

CNC steel tower production machine

Steel tower production workshop

Steel tower production workshop

Steel tower production workshop

Tubular tower production workshop

Prototype tower trial assembly yard

Lattice tower CNC production lines

Steel tower angle parts have ben packed for loading

hot dip galvanizing workshop

Outdoor storage yard for steel tower

cutting machine

angle tower production workshop

steel towers have been ready for loading

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